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Angela Maly

Assistant Manager: Sales - Front Range Sales

June 2014

Tropical Research and Conservation Center



      Angela worked with a UK based charity group called  the Tropical Research and Conservation Center (TRACC). TRACC focuses on sea turtle and shark  conservation and coral reef restoration. Angela spent her volunteer time at the Northern Tip of Borneo     preserving marine environment and stemming the tide    of over fishing. Daily fish surveys, invertebrate surveys,  bottle reef building and sinking, turtle walks, sea snake counts and local education was among Angela's tasks.  There was still time for some fun, like snorkeling, diving, and lots of local food eating!

 "It truly was the experience of a lifetime living in Borneo for a month. I traveled in addition to the time volunteering and got to immerse myself in the culture of the island. Not only have I come back with a new appreciation for the ocean, the fish that live in it, and the necessity to preserve as much as possible, but I have a huge appreciation for the people that live in Borneo and are fighting to protect their natural environment."



Allie Scott

Executive Assistant to James O'Donnell

April 2015
Colorado Parks & Wildlife




Allie worked with Colorado Parks & Wildlife to monitor and study various animals in the Durango, Colorado area. Allie spend her volunteer time checking and setting bear traps, reviewing images from motion cameras, trapping and banding mourning doves, bird watched, and surveying the rivers and fishing in the waterfalls and streams in the surrounding areas.


"I volunteered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to monitor and study various animals in the Durango, Colorado area. I grew so much on this solo adventure. I opened my mind up to new experiences and allowed myself to get lost in what I was learning. Thank you to Vail Resorts and EpicPromise for this Experience of a Lifetime! I was able to conquer my fears, learn about the special animals that inhabit one of the state's most beautiful areas and gain a special respect for the work of Colorado Parks & Wildlife."




Kasha Dunne

Senior Coordinator: Sales

March 2015

The Betty Ford Alpine Garden




During her time volunteering, Kasha was able to assist with the Butterfly Release Program at the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. This program consisted of elementary schools that were given a butterfly-kit to teach it's students about Monarch butterflies and their evolution from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Once the caterpillars transformed into butterflies, the students joined Kasha and her team to release them. The program also consisted of games, crafts and educational tents where Kasha was able to decorate and plant pots with the children, teaching them about plants and where they come from. In addition to the Butterfly Release Program, Kasha was able to plant vegetable gardens and perform general upkeep of the gardens, including collecting seeds that would be sent to conservation societies around the world.

"The sheer thrill of hearing 600 children laughing and watching them eagerly anticipate the release [of the Monarch Butterflies] with the atmospheric backdrop of the Vail Mountains and Helmut Fricker playing the alpenhorn was something to be remembered."




Scott Bertrand

Vail Resorts Retail, Sales: Bicycle Village

January 2015
Ski For Light International



Scott volunteered with the organization Ski for Light. The mission of the organization is to "teach blind, visually- and mobility-impaired adults the sport of classic cross-country skiing, to give participants who have already mastered the basics the chance to improve their skills and endurance, and to enable participants to just have fun on the snow." Scott was paired with a disabled skier for the entire week and acted as a ski instructor and guide for the participant.  

"I think the best memory for the last day of the regional [skiing] was seeing and hearing from everyone just how much fun they had. The hard part was to see the weekend end! I met a lot of great  new people and enjoyed being around old friends."




Randy Bush

Director: Regional Operations

May 2014

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary



 Randy spent his 40-hours volunteering with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Southern Utah. Best Friends is the nation's largest no-kill animal shelter and relies heavily on volunteers to reach their goal of "saving them all." Randy spent his days with the many different animals housed at the location in Utah. From horses, to dogs, to cats, Randy explored the many daily tasks at the shelter. Nightly, Randy would accompany dogs from the shelter to his hotel for a "sleepover." This helped expose the "kids" (as Randy would call the dogs) to different people and environments, all helping with the rehabilitation process. Rehabilitation is a key component to the sanctuary as many of the animals brought to the shelter had experienced previous hardships.

"Please, improve the lives of those who your conscious and your heart beat for and think strongly about applying for the next phase of EpicVolunteers. It is indeed life altering." 


Kimberly Kilburn

Senior Analyst: Marketing, eCommerce

May 2015
The Monk Seal Foundation



Kimberly spent her volunteer time with the Monk Seal Foundation on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Kimberly worked with other volunteers to protect the Monk Seal from its two major threats: tourists "who think they are cute and try to pet them and take selfies with them and local fishermen who catch them in their nets.


"It was such an absolutely incredible and fulfilling experience that literally has changed my view on how to give back and how to influence things in a positive way. It was beyond just volunteering, but it gave me the chance to be a part of something bigger, and to help support folks who are volunteering each and every day."