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The EpicPromise Employee Foundation helps us take care of each other in times of financial need and to pursue our educational dreams. Since January 2016, the Foundation has helped over 700 employees and/or employee children with over US$1.5M through emergency relief and educational grants. The Foundation can help the greatest number of employees if we each do our part to spread the word. Together, we can create something bigger than ourselves- to give back to one another and to be supported when we each need it the most.



 Let the Foundation know of a co-worker in need by completing a Co-worker Referral Form and we will reach out to them and help them complete an application.



 Join thousands of employees and guests to make a difference when employees need it the most. 

  • Vail Resorts Employees  The Foundation can now accept one-time or recurring paycheck donations. Items to note:
    • Participation is more important than the amount. 
    • Contributions can be canceled at any time.
    • Gifts of all sizes are welcome, from $1 per paycheck to $100, or more.
    • U.S. paycheck donations are tax deductible. 
    • Read the Paycheck donations FAQs.
    • For step by step instructions, click here.
  • Non Vail Resorts Employees  If you would like to make a voluntary one-time donation to help Vail Resorts employees in their times of need but are not employed by Vail Resorts, please do so through Network for Good.  



Wear your EpicPromise pin or sticker to let others know that you support EpicPromise.


Questions? Contact EpicPromise with any questions or concerns.