Educational Ascent Grant- for employees

Next Ascent Grant Opening: Jan 2022

The Educational Ascent Grant is a one-time financial grant up to US $2,500 for Vail Resorts employees who are pursuing a degree or certificate program. Examples include: vocational degree programs, bachelor’s or specialized degrees (i.e. nursing degrees), master’s degrees, professional degrees (law or medical degrees), EMT certificates.

While the grant is not automatically renewable, applicants may apply at multiple deadlines. There are three applications deadlines per calendar year: one in the spring, summer, and autumn.


Who is eligible?

  • Educational Ascent Grants are open only to U.S. Vail Resorts employees with full-time, part-time, furloughed or SIS (Seasonal Inactive Status) status.

  • Must be actively pursuing a degree or certificate program.

  • Household income is at or below:
    • Single person household: US$89,320 (refer to the Income Qualifications for households with more than one individual).

What is covered by an Educational Ascent Grant?

  • The maximum award for an Educational Ascent Grant is US$2,500 to cover or support with the costs of tuition, fees, books, and course materials. If your charges are less than US$2,500, the grant will cover the exact charges and no more.

What is required as part of the application process?

  • 5 Short-Answer Questions– These questions focus on the applicant's strengths, career goals, core values, tenacity and financial ability to pay for their course of study.

  • Indication of Enrollment– An official indication of enrollment or course of study.

  • Two Completed Reference Forms- The reference form templates can be downloaded in the application. One must be from a professional reference and one must be from a personal or professional reference.

Other Items to Note

  • Educational Ascent Grants have a selective application process. According to IRS regulations, no more than 10% of those that are eligible and apply for an Educational Ascent Grant can be approved.

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