Employee Emergency Relief Grants


Emergency Relief grants are awarded to assist employees with unpredictable life setbacks such as an unplanned medical issue, home disaster, or other life event. Emergency Relief grants are capped at $5,000 unless there are extenuating circumstances to consider. Please click on the appropriate button above to apply for support or nominate a co-worker. Grant applications are due on the 15th of every month and take up to a month to process, unless you need expedited support (48-72 hours).

In addition to applying for a grant from the EpicPromise Employee Foundation, all active Vail Resorts employees in North America have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program provides financial tools, work-life resources, confidential counseling, and legal consultation to help employees and/or their family with life issues when they come up. Please click the appropriate link below to learn more about these valuable resources:

Guidance Resources are also available at www.guidanceresources.com or 877.327.2289.


In order to receive support from the EpicPromise Employee Foundation, you:

  • Must be employed by Vail Resorts or inactive with SIS eligibility at the time of your unplanned emergency and application submission.
  • Must have an income that falls at or below US$48,560/CA$63,128 for a single person household.
    • Refer to the Income Qualifications for households with more than one individual. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Must demonstrate need due to a medical issue or emergency financial hardship.  


Who is eligible?

All Australian, Canadian and US employees as well as those with SIS status are eligible as are their dependents.  At this time, eligibility does not extend to the parents of employees or extended family members. 

Additional eligibility requirements include the ability to demonstrate need due to an unplanned and recent medical issue OR emergency financial hardship. Applicants must also be employees of Vail Resorts or inactive with SIS eligibility at both the time of request and payment.


What does/doesn't the Foundation award grants for?

  • The Foundation focuses on assisting employees that have experienced an unplanned injury or mental/physical illness, bereavement, natural disaster and domestic violence incidents.
  • Ineligible events include but are not restricted to:
    • Car repair or maintenance
    • Any item covered by insurance (either applicants or family members)
    • Pet related medical issues or incidents
    • Credit card debt, school loans, or payday loans
    • Legal fees and expenses associated with divorce settlements, child custody, or any current and ongoing litigation
    • Housing assistance related to availability or expense
    • Elective medical procedures
    • Any event or incident that occurred prior to employment with Vail Resorts or that occurred more than 6 months ago


Have further questions?  Consult our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or email the EpicPromise Employee Foundation at epicpromise@vailresorts.com.