EpicPromise Foundation Spotlight: Derk Dekoevend

Beaver Creek on 3/31/2016 10:03:00 AM


Name: Derk Dekoevend
Resort: Beaver Creek
Tenure with Vail Resorts: Eight years

After a severe knee injury last summer that resulted in multiple damaged ligaments, Beaver Creek Snow Cat Operator Derk Dekoevend found himself in a difficult situation. He had not been able to work 40 hours consistently this season due to pain and his doctor was recommending surgery as the only option. But Derk had no way to pay for the critical operation. He had been paying off medical bills from past treatments, which already stretched his monthly budget, and the upfront payment required by the surgery center was overwhelming. Senior Manager of Mountain Operations Ellen Galbraith recognized Derk’s need and helped him submit a Foundation application. After receiving support in late January, Derk is now on the road to recovery and will soon be able to return to his 40 hour work week. “The EpicPromise Foundation allowed me to get my surgery accomplished. I can now look forward to coming back to work and doing a job I love.”

Bryan Calcaterra, a snowmaking team lead at Beaver Creek, can’t wait to work with Derk again. “He’s a really great operator. The EpicPromise Foundation grant alleviated stress from his situation and will help him do his job better. I’m really excited to have him back on the excavator this summer.” This sentiment extends to the entire Mountain Operations team. “We were very pleased with how quickly the help came,” said Mountain Operations Manager John Neufeld. “We told him we wanted to help because we wanted him back on the team. That felt good to him.”

Ellen recognizes the benefits the Foundation provides Vail Resorts employee living within Vail Valley and beyond. “Every employee – every person – has hardships from time to time. When those difficulties come up, the EpicPromise Foundation allows employees to stay employed and stay living in the Valley.” 


If you would like to help Vail Resorts employees like Derk, please consider making a donation to the EpicPromise Foundation. Or if you find yourself or a co-worker in need of assistance, learn more about how to fill out a Foundation application or nomination.  


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