EpicPromise Foundation Spotlight: Kayla Bacon

Heavenly on 6/1/2016 9:56:25 AM


Name: Kayla Bacon
Resort: Heavenly- Retail
Tenure with Vail Resorts: 1 year

Halfway through last ski season, Heavenly retail employee Kayla Bacon’s 6-year-old son Oliver sustained a ski injury on the Big Easy Trail at Heavenly Mountain. Oliver’s accident resulted in a spiral fracture to his left tibia which needed to be casted two separate times, leaving him home and missing school for four weeks. As a single-mother of two, Kayla found herself in a difficult situation. That is when Kayla discovered the EpicPromise Foundation: “The next day [after Oliver’s accident], I read the EpicPromise email about the emergency relief program. It was a blessing in disguise.”

 The EpicPromise Foundation Grant was able to lift some stress away from medical bills and loss of income while Kayla was able to stay home with Oliver and even homeschool him during his absence.

Kayla’s manager, Adam Carlson was in full support of Kayla applying for support from the EpicPromise Foundation. “[Kayla] is an awesome employee and an outstanding mother. She takes ownership of the Roxy (women's) portion of the Quiksilver store and does it while working an average of only 24 hours a week. She stopped in a few times during her leave to make sure we were doing OK with the women's sections and to give us updates on her son. Without the grant Kayla would have been backed up on bills and would've had to decide between electric/gas bills or car insurance. Making things easier on her family monetarily really helped with Oliver's recovery too. When Mom can be there taking care of him while not stressing in a cold apartment, everyone wins.”

  “Without the help, this situation would have felt impossible to overcome alone,” Kayla explained. “I was able to give my son my undivided attention and love without all the financial worries. After eight weeks, his second cast was removed. He's since been recovering very well and just finished skate week at school. I'm forever grateful for the support of the EpicPromise Foundation. My team was also a huge part of this relief. To everyone at Quiksilver, thank you for all your love and support!”


If you would like to help Vail Resorts employees like Kayla, please consider making a donation to the EpicPromise Foundation. Or if you find yourself or a co-worker in need of assistance, learn more about how to fill out a Foundation application or nomination.


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