Making Energy Efficient Snow

Vail on 12/2/2014 11:15:31 AM


In an effort to decrease our energy use on the mountain, Vail Mountain installed a new, high-efficiency air compressor during the summer of 2013, to power our snow making. This new compressor took the place of eight, out-of-date and less efficient compressors located at Vail’s Golden Peak snow making facility. At the same time, a similar compressor was installed at Beaver Creek. Today, we are using 65 percent of the energy used by all eight of the old compressors combined – and the energy we are saving is equivalent to taking 180 cars off the road each year!

We installed this new compressor in partnership with Holy Cross Energy, which also resulted in the creation of a new rebate program for similar projects focused on energy reduction. This program is one of many that contribute to Vail Resorts’ commitment to increased energy efficiency and reduction at all of our mountains – and we are proud that this project achieves 10 percent of Holy Cross Energy’s five-year energy efficiency goal.