Park City Decreases Energy Use

Park City on 12/4/2014 9:51:21 PM


We recognize that it takes a great deal of energy to power a ski resort – but we also believe in minimizing our carbon footprint by utilizing innovative solutions for decreasing energy output. At Park City, each of our lodges features efficient lighting and other energy star appliances.

A little more on our history down the path of energy efficiency: In 2004, we began purchasing enough renewable energy to power our chairlifts. In 2008, we began purchasing enough wind power renewable energy credits to offset 100% of our mountain’s electricity usage. In 2009, we also installed solar thermal panels at Mid-Mountain Lodge to help power one of our busiest on-mountain destinations. In 2011, we installed a solar array and vertical wind turbine, which combined are expected to produce 30,000 kilowatts of energy each year! And in 2013, we installed two solar voltaic arrays at the base of the mountain.

To continue down the path of decreasing our carbon footprint, we installed LED lights at the Legacy Lodge and continue to upgrade our facilities with new features, including programmable thermostats, motion sensors for lighting, dimmers, and more efficient appliances. These upgrades reduce our carbon emissions by over 940 tons of carbon dioxide each year!