Community Leadership

Our Commitment as Leaders

As a leaders at Vail Resorts, we strive to live our core values each day and help our teams do the same. In the spirit of Do Good, Serve Others and Do Right, our individual leadership also means being engaged leaders in our communities.  The communities where we operate look to our local leaders to have an active role in the programs that help strengthen and define these special places.

We know many of you already give back to non-profit programs, speak up on community issues or serve on local commissions or boards, outside of work hours and without additional recognition. Thank you for your continued engagement and selfless support of our communities.

We hope to build on this commitment for every Vail Resorts leader, to better highlight these important leadership roles, and to ensure that this critical engagement is part of our collective conversation. Starting this year, we ask you – and every Vail Resorts leader – to engage in your community by taking an active role on an issue that sparks a passion for you or simply makes you feel good about giving back. 

There are countless ways to give back to your community – from giving time to giving financial support. And, you may already be doing something that makes the place you call home a stronger community.

What does this mean? How will it work?

We think community engagement is a critical piece of being a true leader, and as a result, want to create the opportunity for reflection and discussion about meeting this goal. So, we have created space in SuccessFactors to describe and commit to the goal we each set for ourselves. This will be an unweighted, self-reported goal. It is really about providing you the space and time to reflect on your leadership in your community and how you are engaging.

As part of goal-setting each year, we ask that you add a community engagement goal. At mid-year and year-end, please reflect and review your progress with your manager. This will not be “graded” as part of your overall performance evaluation.

Questions? Click here for FAQs. 

Ways to Engage

Think about how you spend your time. Do you volunteer to help with the school play that features your middle-schooler in the chorus? Do you help lead a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop? Coach a pee wee soccer team? Are you a mentor to a local kid? Or do you ring the bell for the Salvation Army during the holidays? All of those moments are examples of ways to be a leader in your community.


Sign up to volunteer with your friends and family at your resort’s annual volunteer day. This is a morning of volunteering for a local non-profit followed by lunch. More details here


Give to the EpicPromise Foundation by signing up for a donation through your paycheck. For instructions on how to do this, click this link.


Apply to receive 40 hours of paid time off to work on a project for a local community organization, or any non-profit of your choice.


Sounds great! We know many hours are spent coaching kids’ sports leagues, helping with extracurricular activities or lending a hand in the classroom.


What is your passion and can you share it by giving some of your time to local organization? Do you love mountain biking or hiking? Join the local mountain bike club and spend an afternoon building a new trail. Are you a part-time thespian? Work with the local theater.


Interested in doing something that is more civically minded? Get involved with a local political campaign from ballot initiatives to candidates for local office. This could include:

  • Registering people to vote.
  • Knocking on doors for your favorite candidate for office or ballot question.
  • Speaking out at your local town council about something you care about in the community.


Tight on time but still want to contribute? Writing a check for your favorite non-profit is a powerful way to support important programs.

The EpicPromise team can help with ideas, find volunteer opportunities or partner you with a non-profit. Start here. Or e-mail us at Engagement Goal.