EpicPromise Volunteers

Giving Back is in our DNA.

Vail Resorts is dedicated to helping our communities thrive, a commitment which is reflected in one of our six foundational values: “Do Good.” One of the most impactful ways to accomplish this is through employee volunteering. In fact, Vail Resorts employees gave nearly 25,000 hours of company-sponsored volunteer time to nonprofits over the last year. To continue to strengthen the bond between our employees and our communities, we are revitalizing our volunteer commitments with EpicPromise Volunteers, now comprised of four main programs:

EpicPromise CONNECT (Our newest addition!)

EpicPromise CONNECT offers Vail Resorts employees opportunities to volunteer at popular community events throughout the year. Over the next six months, an estimated 850 employee volunteers will lend a hand at 34 community events resulting in more than 4,000 volunteer hours. We’ll plant sugar pines near the shores of Lake Tahoe, help local farmer’s markets “stay green,” and build homes for families in need. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Learn more and register for an EpicPromise CONNECT volunteer event near you today.

EpicPromise Week

EpicPromise Week is Vail Resorts’ company-wide, annual volunteer week. Each year, more than 2,500 employees, friends and family members band together to complete volunteer projects in each of our resort communities. Stay tuned for September 2019 project details and check out 2018 stats and projects

EP40 (Formally EpicVolunteers)

EP40 was created out of our employees’ desire for more enriching, in-depth volunteer experiences. The program grants Vail Resorts employees with up to 40 hours of paid time off to volunteer with the organization of their choice. More than 60 EP40 volunteers have contributed their time and talents to communities in Nepal, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua, as well as to programs surrounding our hometowns. Compelled? Learn more here and start brainstorming your own “Experience of a Lifetime!”

Team-Based Volunteering

Team-based volunteering provides Vail Resorts employees the opportunity to live out of our six foundational values – Do Good. We encourage departments to complete volunteer projects together as a fun and worthwhile way to develop strong working relationships. Vail Resorts deploys hundreds of teams each year to local organizations to help stock food banks, read to local students, build new trails, and more. Plan a project for you and your co-workers, here.