EP40 (formally EpicVolunteers) was created out of our employees’ desire for more enriching, in-depth volunteer experiences. The program grants Vail Resorts employees with up to 40 hours* of paid-time-off to volunteer with the charity of their choice. More than 60 EP40 volunteers have contributed their time and talents to communities in Nepal, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua, as well as to projects throughout our hometowns. Compelled? Learn more below and start brainstorming your own “Experience of a Lifetime” soon. 

(*Part-time employees are eligible for 20 hours of paid-time-off.)

Who can be an EP40 Volunteer?

All seasonal and year-round Vail Resorts employees who work part or full-time and have at least 750 hours with the company can apply for EP40. Here are a few resources to help you on your way:

What is Required to Apply? 

  • A detailed and thorough application
  • A written recommendation from your supervisor approving your participation and outlining why you’d make a good EP40 Volunteer, as well as acknowledging that, if you are in hourly employee, the 20/40 hours of time will hit his/her home budget
  • A letter from your partner nonprofit, indicating the viability of your proposed project and dates
  • A budget for your project

When Can You Apply?

Vail Resorts employees are welcome to apply at any time during the year, as long as you provide EpicPromise at least two months of lead time to process your application. If selected, you will be required to participate in an EP40 training the month before your project. Note: if you are a seasonal employee, your project must align with the beginning or end of your season, so that no separation passes between your project and your work season starting/ending.

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