My EpicPromise Challenge

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Thank You for Joining us for the My EpicPromise Challenge on
Epic Employee from February 16 - March 21

Prize Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who participated in the My EpicPromise Challenge and shared it with other employees. Are you a winner? Find out now HERE!

EpicPromise Spirit Award

For the first time, we are recognizing EpicPromise Spirit Award winners! We all know those employees who seem to radiate inspiring and caring energy - those people who just naturally empower others around them. Whether they have five minutes or an entire day, they are busy thinking about how they can make a difference in our local communities, in the lives of other employees, or for the planet. Is someone specific coming to mind? Well for more than 100 of you, someone did. The EpicPromise Spirit Award nominations were filled with heartwarming tales of people who choose to continuously make a difference in our local communities, in the lives of other employees, or for the planet. We selected the 10 most inspiring stories, and employees voted for their favorites. Check out the winners and honorable mentions here.

So What Is The EpicPromise Challenge?

undefinedThe My EpicPromise Challenge is an interactive engagement program (three fancy words for "game") for all employees to learn a little bit about EpicPromise.

Complete fun activities for a chance to win RAD prizes like J skis, Rock Resorts and VRR gift cards, free on-mountain lunches, one year's worth of Nature Valley bars, and more!

EpicPromise is how Vail Resorts embodies its foundational value – Do Good. By supporting the health of local communities through local grants and employee volunteering, the wellbeing and development of employees through the EpicPromise Foundation, and the resilience of the environment and global climate through Commitment to Zero, EpicPromise helps create a more promising future for generations to come.

How Do I Participate?

It's super easy - between today and March 21, all you have to do is log onto Epic Employee (the same place you complete your Health Screening), click the EpicPromise tile, and then select "My EpicPromise Challenge". Each activity you finish earns you one entry into the prize drawing. And who knows - we may even choose to feature some of the most creative submissions in future emails! 

What Is Your Epic Promise?

Everyone has different reasons for supporting our local communities, employees, and the planet. We challenge you to use the next five weeks to discover your own EpicPromise.


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