Vail and Eco-Products Continued Partnership

Company-wide on 8/2/2022 12:43:26 PM

Eco-Products is the Official Zero Waste Partner of Vail Resorts. They are Zero Waste pioneers, a certified B Corp®, a global leader in providing compostable and post-consumer recycled content foodservice packaging, and adamant about scaling waste diversion practices and infrastructure with our customers and partners.

 That’s why Vail Resorts partnered with Eco-Products to help us deliver on our Commitment to Zero goal to reach a zero net operating footprint by 2030, including zero waste to landfill. Together, we can turn the end of a meal into a planet of possibility.


Vail Resorts is working to eliminate all single-use, guest-facing conventional plastic products across our resorts, and Eco-Products provides disposable food and beverage items like cups, utensils, and grab-and-go containers made from plant-based and recycled materials that align with regional waste streams so they can be composted and recycled, rather than landfilled. Together with Eco-Products, Vail Resorts diverted 9.8 million pounds of waste from landfills in 2021.  

Our recent efforts at Hidden Valley in Missouri is an example of how Eco-Products and Vail Resorts are Putting Waste to Work: 

The combined efforts of Eco-Products, Vail Resorts and St. Louis Compost helped make significant progress toward waste diversion goals for the 2021-2022 season.  

Working collaboratively, the teams determined that Hidden Valley was best-suited for focused diversion efforts during the 20/21 season. To kick-off the project Eco-Products contacted a trusted partner, St. Louis Compost, to ensure Hidden Valley had access a commercial composting facility.  St. Louis Compost was willing to help and agreed to accept Hidden Valley’s waste steam while also providing training and education to mountain staff. Using Eco-Products unique System Solutions approach, a buying guide was developed for procurement staff to ensure only compostable products were available. Using only compostable packaging helps Hidden Valley achieve front-of-house composting of food scraps and makes it easy for customers and staff to identify what goes in each bin. This approach also ensures a clean waste stream for St. Louis Compost which is important in minimizing added costs and contamination that sometimes come when accepting packaging.


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